Memory Wars




    Memory Wars is a memory game for kids and young minds.The game consist of a play field with 10 x 10 tiles.
    There is up to 56 different tiles in the game.The object of the game is to find two matching tiles.
    When you have two pairs of matching tiles in a row
    you get bonus.
    You can either add 3 points to your own score or
    you can subtract 3 point from your opponents score.
    You can also choose to continue without bonus and
    try to get 5 matching pairs in a row to win the game.2 pairs in a row gives 3 or -3 points.
    3 pairs in a row gives 6 or -6 points.
    4 pairs in a row gives 8 or -8 points.
    5 pairs in a row and you win the game.Play against your friends, make tournaments or just
    play for fun.You can also play against Android but bare in mind
    is not a very strong opponent.
    Use it for practice before you defeat all of your
    friends.So enjoy this little game of memory and look out
    for more titles from Trisect Development.

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