Mine Sweeper (sleeping cat)

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    Mine Sweeper (sleeping cat)

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    It is the game which made the mine sweeper's picture the cat.
    Please carry out weeds cutting of the field where weeds grow luxuriantly.
    However, the cat is taking a nap in some places.
    Let's mow carefully so that it may not be scratched by the cat.
    A score is two per one mass, when one point and two or more masses at once will open, if the mass in which a cat is not is opened.
    A score is carried over when it clears.
    [The operation method]
    - I would like to open -- carry out a mass click and choose.
    - The button of [OPEN], [MARK], and [CANCEL] is displayed under a screen.
    - If it clicks [OPEN], a mass will open.
    - It is game over when a cat is in the open mass.
    (It vibrates) - if a cat is not in the open mass, the number of the surrounding cats of the mass will be displayed.
    - If the mass whose cat is not in the surroundings is opened, a safe mass will open automatically.

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