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    Avoid the mines! Popular minesweeper game, you can now even mobile phones.
    To do when bored in the jewel-like game. Try competing with your friends. While the mountains deuleseodo buses, subways, schools, and in the workplace can be.

    Minesweeper puzzle board game fun, bored, brain competitor intelligence gem mine sweeper hours

    Minesweeper game based on the number that appears on the card upside down as the game is to estimate the location of mines. Pressing the mines for a long time suspected the card (when you touch) display card can change mine. If you find all the mines successfully, the game is over.

    The numbers at the top of the screen left of the mean elapsed time since the start of the game, and the right number is the number of remaining mines.

    Game starts at the top of the screen when you select one of the four images are If you select the best image on the left side of the beginner, if you select the second image, intermediate, and third images by selecting Advanced, select the image when the fourth highest level of the problem are presented.

    Beginning in the 8x10 = 80-card has ten bombs.
    8x20 = 160 in the mid-card 20 is the bomb.
    8x40 = 320 intermediate the two cards are in the 40 bombs.
    8x80 = 640 is advanced in the 130-card is the bomb.

    The screen can scroll vertically.

    To finish the game successfully, or fail in the game turns even touch the top of the image, you can restart the game.

    Game background, screen will use the works of Van Gogh. Before the start of the game at random to four works by Vincent van Gogh can be appreciated.

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