Mini Thor

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    Most addictive game ever, fun and challenging all at the same time.
    The Mighty Thor are doing serious "big business" in the toilet, while the Kinpei Monsters had stolen his "Mjöllnir". The Mighty Thor had granted you with the power of "Mini Thor Power Ball" in helping him to catch Kinpei Monsters and return back his "Mjöllnir".
    You are now the Mini Thor. Go and hunt in the name of the Thunder God.
    Here's some of the customer review
    "You aim to hit the little circle guys with your ball... the less balls you use, the more stars you get. You can make the ball bounce off of the little circle guys, so geometry is a good thing to know. =oP
    The level design is nice, and really what makes any game like this. But here, it's really done very well. There's buttons used to open up slabs of brick, really bouncy "pow" balls, little lightning bolts to collect, and moving objects within the levels.
    It's kept me pretty entertained, and there's worlds that are going to be added in future updates...
    If you like 'aiming' games, this is definitely one that I'd recommend you check out! =oD"
    by syntheticvoid
    (I'm 17 stages in...)
    And really, in an appstore that's become SO FULL of indie dev's first time offerings that, well... a lot of flash games could then to shame... this is one that stands out as being a VERY NICE game, and one that I'm very happy to have on my device.
    Game play are smooth, well use of physics.
    After level 10, it gets challenging
    Easy to complete, hard to master 3stars

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