Moment Card




    Moment Card --- a perfect casual free game for kids and adults.

    Ready to challenge your memory yet?
    Moment card is a casual game that special design for the kids and adults to train their memory.
    It can effectively exercise our short-term memory capacity, while bringing joys to our lives.
    Rules are simple, the two same cards can be eliminated. In order to get a high score, you need to eliminate all cards as soon as possible.
    The game has classic mode and time mode. The game also has up to 50 levels, and is equipped with wonderful music.
    Moment Card is definitely a perfect game for girls and boys to enjoy their time.

    1.easy to play;
    2.Two game modes to meet the needs of kids and adults;
    3.various kinds of props;
    4 fantastic game sounds and background musics;
    5.up to 50 levels for each mode;
    6 colorful images, easy to remember;
    7.suitable for everyone, and play it at any time; and improving your memory;

    Game description:
    (1) classic mode:
    Eliminate all cards in a given number of moves;
    (2) Time mode:
    Eliminate all cards within the given time; You will have three seconds to observe the cards before each game. The "villain", "Devil", and "Death" will be recycled by God when the number of cards is less than six.
    (3) Bomb: Random eliminate one pair of cards ;
    (4) Magic wand : Random open two unpaired cards ;
    (5) Magic Eye : Move all cards turn to the positive, and turn them back after 3 seconds;
    (6) Angel : eliminate 20% of the remaining cards, eliminate the "villain" and "Devil", award 20% of time .
    (7) villain : Confuse all the cards, deduct 10% of the remaining time.
    (8) Devil : Rotated 180 degrees of the layout, deduct 10% of the remaining time .
    (9) Death: Add 15% of new cards, confuse all the cards, deduct 15% of the remaining time.

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