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    Monster LITE version sweeper

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    Lite version is free to play up to the 20th floor underground.

    That game classics, Minesweeper has evolved,
    I became a monster capture game.

    Pleasure like we solved the puzzle intact,
    The power-up items
    Add the fun of RPG that will capture the monster.
    Is the emergence of a new sense of the puzzle RPG.

    Puns monsters that appear more than 100 bodies.
    Aim to Complete Illustrated Dajamon.

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    [How to play] monster sweeper

    Let's Touch the darkness

    In the darkness Dajamon is hidden.
    Please note that if you touch the darkness you have Dajamon
    Dajamon damage has appeared!
    I Heart decreases.
    Have a heart
    It is all gone and the game is over.

    If you touch the darkness there is no Dajamon
    Darkness will be brighter.
    The place was bright, the number is written.
    The numbers to guess the location where the Dajamon
    It is an important number.
    To 8 squares around and adjacent numbers
    Only the number of digits that are Dajamon.
    Around the number "1" is Dajamon is one of them.
    Around the number "5" is Dajamon is five animals.
    I mean.
    I guess from the numbers that came out
    Where the dark Do you have Dajamon
    Will know.
    To get around the location where the Dajamon
    The darkness without damage
    Please be more and more bright.

    Let's set a trap

    I know where the dark or have Dajamon
    I'll keep that set a trap in the dark.
    Then press and hold [] the dark
    You can set a trap in the darkness.
    Trap will not work immediately.
    The darkness there is no Dajamon
    You are all the bright
    Lid of stairs to go downstairs to open.
    When you go to the lower floor
    All trap was caught operates.
    By rank and grade of trap Dajamon
    Since the capture rate is determined
    I do not necessarily all Dajamon is caught.

    I'll take a look at the Dajamon caught

    Dajamon caught in the Encyclopedia Dajamon
    Name and rank Dajamon caught,
    The description and cry
    You can be confirmed.
    There are more than 100 body Dajamon in which they occur.
    The Complete Book Dajamon
    Let's aim.

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