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    Challenge your movie knowledge by playing the one of a kind MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D! Get this unique trivia quiz with questions and answers, compete against other players and prove you're a real movie maniac by playing this addicting multiple choice quiz game for free! Movie trivia questions have never been more entertaining – download this free quiz app and see for yourself!

    Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!
    Each time you answer a question you spend 1 energy point!
    You get one energy point each 2 minutes!
    Answer the question correctly to travel around the world!
    You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer; choose the correct answer on the first try to travel the longer distance!
    Use help to pass the longer distance than your opponents: double the length of the distance you can pass or remove one wrong answer!
    Use traps to decrease the progress of your opponents: slow down all other players or prevent the leading player from answering one question!
    Collect VIP pass cards and use them on crossroads to take the shortcut!
    Log in with Facebook or create your player profile!

    Guess the movie! Set off on a journey and travel through different places on Earth by answering your favorite general knowledge questions – “movie trivia” in this absolutely free app. Entertain yourself by playing this unique MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D with outstanding graphics and incredibly interesting gameplay. Answer questions from different categories, play against other players and try to prove you're a real film maniac.

    Various categories in this free quiz game will offer you infinite fun and will keep you occupied for hours:
    Guess the name of the actor you see;
    Guess the movie based on:
    the actor you see;
    the two actors you see;
    the movie scene;
    the famous movie quotes.

    If you like general knowledge quiz questions and you're a great fan of popular films or TV shows, there's no movie quiz game better than this one for you. Similar game apps and picture quizzes are now becoming some of the top trending games on the market; yet this free movie quiz game with 3D graphics simply outreaches all of them in original and highly entertaining celebrity quiz questions, competitive gameplay and interesting achievements.

    No matter if you prefer action movies, comedies, thrillers, chick flicks, love movies or horrors, you will surely find something interesting in this free racing game. Check if you can recognize celebrity actors and actresses in the pictures given, see if you can guess the film based on its characters, memorable parts or movie quotes. Lots of movie questions and answers will keep you occupied all the time and make you want to come back to play again. Check your photographic memory with this great movie picture quiz, see if you know all of the celebrity film stars and memorable lines that were heard in some of the greatest films of all time. Moreover, you'll find out this is also one of the most fun racing games you've ever played. An extremely exciting educational game app that everyone will love!

    If you like watching movies and playing 3d quiz games, this free movie photo quiz will certainly become your new favorite game for fun. Broaden your general knowledge and discover new information about popular films by downloading this great quiz with questions and answers free for your phone. Learn more about celebrity actors and movie trivia by playing this highly educational game. MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D is something you must have - such a fun game for kids, interesting time killer for adults, absolutely free mobile application. Suitable for any age group, MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D provides a perfect opportunity to broaden general knowledge and discover new trivia facts and information. Therefore, no matter if you're a girl or a boy, young or old, just download this free educational game app for Android and put your knowledge about films to the test. Start playing this awesome "movie quiz" game NOW!

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