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    Do you like watching movies a lot? Well it might got stuck in your head some memorable quotes, whether they were really funny or genius, you got them, and in this Movie Quotes Quiz you can finally test your memory and find out if you know where did you heard the quote.
    How do you play the app Movie Quotes Quiz?
    Well there are the basic trivia games rule, in which you get a question, four answers, a hint and a fact of the movie, what you will have to do is read the quote and try to guess in which movie it was used. Each correct answer gives you 300 points, you get about 30 seconds to give a answer, if you do it in time you can get from 0 to 1000 points more depending on how fast you get to check the right answer, also if you get in trouble and don't know the answer, you can touch the hint button which may give you a word, a phrase or even a fact that can help you get the correct answer, also this help can cost you again 300 points.
    For now in the game you can find only a few quotes from recent movies like: "Hangover", "Hunger games","The Avengers", and a few others, but as well from old ones Like "Titanic "or "The Godfather", as well from some of the most popular TV series like "Scrubs", "Dr. House", "How I met your Mother". Also in the game you may find after you answer the question a funny or a interesting fact of the movie, in this way you may learn something new as well.
    The app is ads free, we hope you enjoy it, feel free to rate it, leave comments, reviews, and also don't forget to tell us how we could improve it. Also feel free to email us suggestions, more great quotes, movies and TV-series from which you want in the future update to include in the app.

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