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    This game is "The Number Place" that is a simple number puzzle game putting numbers from 1 to 9 in.
    Because equipped with a question making engine, make a question infinity and can play!
    Of course can play little by little because there is the preservation function when you like it!
    OK, let's update best time!

    Note: "Mugen" is "Infinity" in Japanese.

    == More infomation ==

    == The rule of the game ==
    There is the board which attracted 81 piece of the 9x9 unit to the screen.
    There is the group which attracted piece of 3x3 in the board. (surrounded in bold line)
    There is empty piece to the board and can put numbers from 1 to 9.
    Become game cleared if you put the number of the correct answer in all pieces.

    But each piece is different in the number of the correct answer every question.
    Group of the piece and vertical, horizontal piece do not contain the same number. (the applicable range yellows)
    In other words the number that each piece contains is one by all means.
    Each empty piece can make a memo to six numbers.
    Use this memo well and arrive at the number of the correct answer.

    == How to play ==
    Move to a play screen after choice at a level to play.
    A play screen has a board, a number button, a Hint button, Pen/Memo button, a eraser button.
    The cursor moves when you touched empty piece in the board.
    Can put a number in piece with the cursor when you touched a certain number button under a board.

    When you touch the number button and input a number, it is necessary to change a mode of pen input and the memo input.
    Touched again in piece with the cursor to change a mode.
    Or a change of Pen input and the Memo input mode is possible when you push the second button from the left under the screen.

    The Pen input has a meaning same as decision, but can put it out by pushing the eraser button in the first left under the screen.
    It is similar at the time of the memo input.

    The Hint button reads a wrong number by a rubric among numbers input by Pen input.
    It is the button which it helps very much when it was at a loss.

    When is a correct answer after having finished putting all numbers; "It is a correct answer!" dialog is displayed.
    Wrong piece exists when nothing happens. Please review it.

    == About the license certification ==
    For illegal copy prevention, work connect to the server at the time of first start and license it, and to authenticate it.
    The following things are thought about when error "999" appears at the time of the license certification.

    * Because communication facility becomes invalid, certification processing is not possible.
    -> Please validate communication facility. It is OK in WiFi.
    * Because "market" application gives an error, certification processing is not possible.
    -> May be recovered when you uninstall update of the (Android) "Market" application.
    -> When the password of "Accounts & sync" of the setting window is not input or disappear, it occurs.
    When you hold "Accounts & sync" of the setting window, and it is demanded password input, it is thought that it is caused by this.

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