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    A choose your own adventure story which puts you into the heart of a murder investigation. You play a grisled police detective with a taste for women, booze and convicting no-good crooks. Every page of the story gives you options on how you want to proceed and the right choice can blow the case wide open, the wrong one can lead to death. As the case progresses you'll be given more and more bizarre choices, including some pretty dumb ways to die.

    Murder investigations aren’t always easy but with the right decisions you can get the crook and maybe keep the commissioner off your back. You’ll need to use all of your detective powers plus perhaps a bit of old school police brutality if you’re going to solve the mystery.

    It’s worth adding in this description that this isn’t your average The Wire rip off, it’s a comedy and makes fun of the cop show genre in places. If you can’t handle that then don’t take the case. If you like to have a bit of fun and are sick of the tired old cliches of police dramas and murder mysteries then this app is for you.


    Chapter One - You’re called to a crime scene and have to carry out the investigation of the murder victim. Will you follow police procedure or will you play by your own rules?
    Chapter Two - Once you establish the cause of death you then have to start working out who your suspects are. Unluckily for you one of the suspects is notorious drug dealer Vlad (as seen in Gang Land You Decide).
    Chapter Three - The case is starting to hot up but are you up to the task? Your poor diet and alcoholic tendencies might get in the way or they might actually give you the perspective you need to find the murderer.
    Chapter Four - You've forgotten that it's your day to look after your son, so you've now got to investigate a murder with Little Jimmy by your side.
    Chapter Five - The case is getting close but will you crack the case before the Commissioner fires you?
    Chapter Six - The truth comes out and you'll be faced with a moral dilema. Your choice will decide what your future holds - eight possible endings

    This is the premium version of Murder Detective You Decide. It includes all six chapters of cop action. It contains over 20,000 words of drama and comedy for a bargain price. If you're not sure you'll like it you can play the first three chapters in the free version here:

    You’ll like this app if you’re into cop dramas like The Wire, Columbo, Blue Bloods, Naked Gun, The Shield, NCIS and maybe even Police Academy.


    This game is made by You Decide Games. They are choose your own adventure games which don't take themselves too seriously.

    It’s like choose your own adventure stories for grown ups, interactive fiction with a funny edge to it.

    This game is rated as mature - it contains needless swearing, dubious morality and some pretty graphic descriptions of deaths and some pretty disgusting characters. Please only download this if you’re not going to be offended easily. Or if you are easily offended but like to complain then download it and send my outraged emails, I always love it when that happens.

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