Ned's General Trivia

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    Ned's General Trivia - it's not just questions, it's a game!!!

    Build your knowledge, test what you know, and find out what happens to Ned all at the same time!

    Ned's General Trivia allows you to decide the fate of Ned as you answer questions right or wrong. Will Ned become a Genius? or will he crash and burn? You decide as you play through over 500 hand picked trivia questions.

    Choose between 3 modes of play:

    - Normal Ned (1 player) - Find out what happens to Ned as you answer questions!

    - 2 Player - Challenge your friend to find out who is the smartest!

    - Billionaire - Ned doesn't settle for just being a lowly millionaire, he wants to be a BILLIONAIRE!! Can you help him win a billion?

    - Get help from 3 of Ned's friends each game. Ned's momma always gives the correct answer and Ned's other 2 friends always gives you 50/50!

    Over 500 hand-picked questions!

    Make the game play how YOU want it to play:

    Turn categories on or off.

    Play with the timer on or off!

    Turn Ned's Screen Play Graphics on or off on the Normal Ned mode!

    Turn sound effects on or off!

    Resume unfinished games!

    Keep track of your highest games!

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    Brag to your friends about how great you did after each game!

    Post a question and see if your friends can answer it!

    Ned's Trivia - it's not just questions, it's a game!!!

    Ned’s apps will hopefully be only .99 cents forever, but you may want to act now just in case we decide to raise the price someday.

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