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    Need A Hero's review

    Published: 2013-06-05, by Peter Warrior.

    An addictive and original puzzle game

    • Free, in-app purchase to boost progress
    • Great design
    • Intense yet witty gameplay
    • Main character isn't customizable.
    • It needs different game modes.

    "He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast"

    Once we pass through the intro, in which a faerie tale-like princess has been kidnapped and her rich yet kind father asks you to save her, we find a puzzle game, very much like as any other match three to blast game, but the longer the combo is, more damage will our charming hero inflict to his enemy. If you include magic book in your combos, you'll be able to unleash a spell upon them. Between stages you can upgrade your items, mine gold in special bonus levels or even receive unexpected gifts from your princess.

    This game has an outstanding design, a truly eye-candy to children and parents alike. Orcs, witches and other enemies (and their quotes) have been drawn with care, and it's a pity that we can't customize our over-muscled hero to wipe off his walking Disney cliche feeling. A split screen mode to play offline against a friend would be great. Anyway, you can always look for duels online via Facebook.

    In the end, even when it doesn't either reinvent bubble blasting or puzzle gaming, it's a witty and interesting puzzle game we should recommend everybody.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 05, 2013


    Gear up, grab your donkey friend, and venture on a magical odyssey full of humor, intense fighting, and competitive tension! Challenge other players in Arcade mode by solving puzzles in 60 seconds or set out on a never-ending quest to rescue the princess. Be a hero, we need one!

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, a young man took his trusty sword and set out on a journey to defeat a terrible dragon and save a princess who was as beautiful as she was wealthy. His path was blocked every step of the way by hideous creatures and monsters, but he was strong. He combined troll heads into long chains time and time again, making awesome combos, and he hacked and slashed at the beasts as he made his way to the dragon. He got there in the end, of course, saved the princess, slew the dragon, and got half of the kingdom as a reward. Such is a Hero’s lot!

    - Unique match-three combat system!
    - Exciting Arcade Mode and tough Challenges for Heroes who are ready to push their limits!
    - Relaxing yet rewarding gathering levels to prepare for the journey ahead!
    - Stunning graphics and a breath-taking soundtrack!
    - Multitudes of powerful spells and epic powers to use against your enemies!
    - Different types of monsters, each with special abilities and gameplay style!
    - Tournaments that allow competitions with friends and heroes around the world!
    - A chance to advance in the leagues, from wooden to diamond, and become the ultimate champion.
    - The most heroic game EVER!
    - Play free for an unlimited time!

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