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    Published: 2012-08-16, by .

    Watch, learn and reproduce the sequence

    • Captivating storyline
    • Trains your memory
    • Gets harder
    • We expected more

    "The memory of God"

    Gods became bored and decided to invent a game to test their intelligence. The symbol was a cloud and the skill to exercise was the memory.

    The objective of the game is to get closer to the gods, trying to pass all the levels and, consequently, being worthy of them. How? Remembering the sequence of colored lights and being able to reproduce it every time, no matter how long it is.

    There are two game modes: Touch and Air mode. In the latest one, you should point the phone in the air in the direction of the target. Unfortunately, we had some problems regarding the Air mode and we couldn't make it work, maybe it does in other devices but with Samsung Galaxy Tab it was not possible. The first level is the easiest one: you have 3 seconds to hit, one hint and a 9-length sequence.

    Temple of game is the developer of NineOnAir, a curious and magic game of memory and logic. At first, it might seem like a different game, given its history and the mystical appearance but in the end, it's a simple memory game that can be useful to improve your concentration while you challenge yourself.

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    Aug 16, 2012


    Fun memory training and fun brain training from magical ancient Egypt (2012 BC). Nine On Air free puzzle memory game.
    The game from the Temple of Memory, free! The game of the Gods, free! The game of the nine on air: free!
    Discover, remember and draw the secret patterns (with gems puzzle, characters puzzle, words puzzle, animals puzzle, cartoon puzzle!).
    Discover, remember and draw the hidden sequences.
    Listen, remember and play the musical series.
    A new additive free puzzle game: the game of the Gods that challenges and improves your mind, brain and memory.
    Listen to music, sounds, repeat and exceed new exciting and funny levels.
    It's a trainer for memory.
    It's a trainer for reflexes.
    Improve yourself and your memory with colored musical jewels and gems.
    From Gods of ancient egypt, the addictive free game came to us through the sacred magical papyri of the Temple of memory.
    Here and now the sacred stones (or jewels or gems) are nine and the pieces are to be remembered: memory and speed are needed, the brain can improve.
    Hard training: for Gods.
    The fun is guaranteed: a game made up of nine musical notes on air, nine sounds on
    air, nine animal sounds on air, nine characters on air, nine famous brands, nine stones, nine jewels: on air. Nine On Air
    The most exciting and fun free puzzle game of memory and speed of the story.
    Play the free game of the temple, made of symbols, words, sounds, mysterious or famous music.
    Build sequence of marks.
    The ancient inhabitants of Atlantis were playing nine on air free! They used a table to build the secret words, they used a table of colored stones and jewels to sequence symbolic brands and marks. You can you can use the tablet to train your memory with colored jewels and to remember sequences.
    The puzzle of the pyramid: from Egypt, Mayan and: of course Atlantis!
    The kids of Atlantis went to school with this free game and learned from this free funny puzzle game.
    To improve brain, mind and intelligence: discover the hidden music and secret sequence, listen to the words hidden in the pyramids and proves to have the intelligence and the power of a god.
    Help yourself with the colors, with the bonuses, with free time and free lifes.
    Ironic, sarcastic, witty: not angry birds, not zombies or vampires instead discover the hidden music. You'll find new and famous game characters long forgotten between sets: space invaders, pac man, arcade of the past. A game for geeks and technology buffs, a game for any ages. The secret is always fun and challenging. Ask about the farm animals, the Japanese cartoons and maybe you will find the stargate. A mix of music: you must listen and remember, compose and build.
    If the Maya had a prophecy for 2012 AC, the Egyptians had a game in 2012 BC for the memory, a patchwork of music, sounds and colors. The Maya wrote the prophecy of the end of the world, the Egyptians were playing Nine On Air Free to discover the secrets of the funny sequences and win new free lives.
    The puzzle of the pyramid mix and combine in a funny way sequences, Arcade, Egyptians, Mayan and Atlantis: all free for you.
    Use the touch screen or move the phone to the air with new game mode "on air", listen and compose in sequence, words, symbols. Play it with your tablet or phone. The tablet is supported. Test the ability to concentrate.

    Remember That Everyone Likes To Play And We Were All Children. Someone Still Is. Thank You. :-)

    Nine On Air Free.
    The Free new game from the Temple of Memory: brain training of The Gods.

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