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    Published: 2014-04-03, by Ana Gracia.

    Par the animals and free them from the ark

    • Fun enough
    • Pretty challenging
    • Not full-screen
    • Too simple

    "Noah Pairs"

    Noah Box is a puzzle game where you need to help Noah and his family return the animals to their habitat. Of course, you need to keep something really important into account: animals must me removed in pairs.

    How to play? Well, you should try to slide each animal and pair him up with their other half, trying to help them escape from the arc. Accomplish successfully every level and earn a high score. Don't leave any animal behind and try think carefully about the best possible way to complete the enigma.

    The controls aren't that smooth and you might require a few touches to make them work, but the game is interesting enough. Also, a bit too simple for my taste, it clearly lacks more features.

    Easytime Studio is the developer of Noah Box, a simplistic puzzle which can be pretty challenging but still has some things to improve.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Apr 03, 2014


    Noah and his animals had been turned adrift on the sea for a very very long time. After the flood finally came the land.The ark landed succesfully. Now it's time for Noah and his family to return the animals to the wild. But why are these animals looking so unanimated?
    "For the long ride, a bit dizzy,maybe."
    "Aren't they be landed to be in pairs?"
    "Ah, it was too hurried to do that."
    "Must be in pairs?"
    "Of course."
    "All right, let me get them off the ark.

    Touch and drag the square to move it. The square can move towards left or right freely.

    The square falls when moving out of the supporting floor until it lands on the supporting floor again.

    When Two or three squares of the same kind meet together,would disappear.

    When all the squares in one level are cleared, the player accomplishes task at this level.

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