Number Up: The cool math game




    Number Up is a game about connecting numbers to reach a target sum.

    The more you play the better you get at recognizing patterns, quick addition and subtraction.
    Raise your IQ, train your brain and have fun.

    Leaderboards so you see how your scores compare to others.

    - Click on the numbers you think add up to the target
    - Initially, you can connect 2, 3, 4, and 5 numbers that will sum to the target
    - Connect more numbers to get more points and bonus time.
    - Connect 2 numbers, the next set will allow you to connect 2 or 3 numbers
    - Connect 3 numbers, the next set will allow you to connect 2, 3 or 4 numbers
    - Connect 4 or 5 numbers, the next set will allow you to connect 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers
    - Keep playing until you run out of time.

    Think you've mastered this game?
    - Try different difficulty levels for more extreme brain-training
    - Try to always match chains of at least length 3

    This is the perfect game for adults and kids. Kids can use this app to significantly improve their addition and subtraction abilities. Let yourself and your kids spend their free time training your brains.

    -If you like math, you'll love Number Up.
    -If you hate math, you might start to like it after Number Up.

    Want the full set of features? You can upgrade from within the app. No need to download anything else.
    - Upgrade to the premium version and experience more features.

    - Negative numbers
    - Set the minimum chain length (2 to 5)
    - Have access to power-ups (Hints, auto-complete)
    - Have access to "Remain" windows that shows the difference between current sum and target.
    - Earn hints and auto-complete the more you play.

    Tips on Chain Length
    -Allows you to control the minimum count of numbers that would add up to the target sum.
    -For example, If minimum is 4 then most of the time you won't find 2 or 3 numbers that add up to the sum.

    This game will change the way you look at numbers.

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