Oh Balls




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    **Fun physics and gravity game!
    **Challenging puzzle/brain game!
    **60 fun and challenging levels!
    **Great ball physics game!
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    Oh Balls is a puzzle game that has a very simple objective, get the blue ball in the blue target and the green ball in the green target. While a simple concept you will be challenged by gravity and physics and will have to figure out the best way to get the balls in their targets. Oh Balls is a fun and challenging physics-based game that will have you addicted to beating that next level. Once you have figured out a level in Oh Balls you will find yourself playing it over and over again trying to beat the top 3 best times on each level, where every millisecond counts! Some levels will have multiple solutions, so even though you finally found a way to beat it you never know there might be a quicker way! With 60 unique levels and new levels being added every month you and your family and friends will have a blast with Oh Balls!

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