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    Onager - destruction physics

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    Onager is a physical catapult puzzle game about destroying blocks. Your goal is to save the planet from alien invaders. Inhabitants of the world lived in peace for thousands of years. Now is the time to go to war with Cones. The only weapon they have is the catapult called Onager. You are their hero, who must use it to cleanse the planet from Cones and corrupted inhabitants of the Cubeworld!
    Prevent the global apocalypse by destroying Cones and walls of corrupted blocks. They will not hide behind structures from wood, iron, ice, rubber or glass. Find yellow explosive blocks, hit them and damage large area. Your quest will be rewarded with experience and bonus coins to spend in the shop. Than, with your magic projectiles, you will be even more successful!

    - clean and minimalistic graphics
    - fully 3D environment
    - realistic physics and destructions
    - several level types
    - different blocks from different materials
    - many explosions
    - various projectiles like Iron ball, Burst, Bomb, Anti gravity or Rainbow projectile
    - instant fun

    Almost everything is destructible. Do not hesitate to use bombs and anti-gravity balls in order to alter the environment in your way! Whole world will change, collapse and disappear in front of your own eyes. Total destruction lies on the tip of your fingers.
    Nothing is more satisfying than watching the whole structures to collapse by your doing. Since there is no real aggression, only structures collapsing, the game is safe even for the smallest children. It's like destroying the tower from lego but without the need of constructing it. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

    The game contains 30 levels that are absolutely free and 30 more levels after purchasing the Golden Item in inapp shop. You will also receive a lot of ingame currency for this purchase, which you can spend on premium ammunition like bombs or anti-gravity balls. The game is then less challenging but more fun to watch, since these projectiles cause a real havoc amongst structures!

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