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Original Paintings

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    Original Paintings

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    Are you looking for an emotional Eastern ‘Hidden Catch’?
    No more similar materials. No more easy and simple one.
    Open your eyes wide and feel the fun of stress a little bit~

    Looking similar right / left comparison of different parts of the picture, just touch the different part of the pictures. That’s easy to enjoy this puzzle game.

    Are you tired of the old ‘Hidden Catch’? Now it’s the time to escape from those things. You will meet the original paintings through this app.

    This app doesn’t provide only the features of game but also information, gallery functions.

    consists of a total of 74 stages.
    The higher stage, the more difficult. The number of wrong part increases, as the difficulty goes up.

    [Game features]

    ▷ 74 beautiful original paintings
    Beautiful, luxurious, sumptuous Eastern paintings can be found.

    ▷ Image storage
    You can store the image of cleared stage, so that you may use this as a wallpaper in your phone. Now you can have a luxurious phone decorated with beautiful wallpaper.

    ▷ Gallery and information
    You can view the original image of cleared stage through Gallery menu, which offers additional information to understand more about it.

    ▷ Neat feelings of touch.
    Compared to existing similar games, you will feel the different and neat touching.

    ▷ Luxurious game!
    is stimulating a user’s sensitivity with a luxurious feeling.

    [How to Play]

    1) You have to find out the different parts of 2 pictures before the time gauge in the center comes at the bottom.

    2) If you do good, it will show O mark. If you do wrong, X is drawn on the display.

    3) And if you select the wrong part, the time gauge will be reduced.

    4) You can clear the game by finding all the wrong parts!

    5) In the game screen, press the ‘pause’ button to retry and go to the main menu.

    [Notes on use and Tip]

    - If you play with its own background music, you can feel the more Eastern feelings.

    - New Game means to ‘Erase’ all your old record. So be careful!

    - Difficulties of stage depends on the user. You may feel a little bit harder.

    - In Gallery, you can play the cleared stage again.

    - The description of the Gallery will make you feel the fun of difference.

    #. bug / Q&A

    -Twitter: @broadcon