Out Link




    "out think to out link" in this dynamic turn-based puzzle game where the player competes against an AI auto-solver in order to be the first to connect together all the tiles within the maze.

    slide-swap pairs of randomly shuffled tiles so that all adjacent sides with connectors are linked correctly, and all walls in the maze face only blank sides; note that all tiles linked incorrectly are colored red in order to alert the player.

    gameplay consists of a sequence of timed turns, in which the player moves tiles before the opponent auto-solver can make its move (subsequently locking a moved tile as part of its solution); note that for each move made, 1 second is subtracted from the remaining turn time.

    failing to stop the auto-solver from completing the puzzle first will signal an amber background; however, if the player succeeds first, then this will be signalled by either a green (player wins) or blue (indeterminate outcome) background based on how convincingly the game was won from the AI (where an indeterminate outcome is deemed a void result in order to counter "lazy" tactics, "final move" interventions, or "random" moves by the player).

    choose from 4 difficulty settings that determine how tiles can be linked, max time per turn, and number of AI moves until indeterminate outcome reached:

    * "1" - tiles can link to form in pairs;
    6 seconds per turn;
    22 AI moves until outcome indeterminate.

    * "2" - tiles can link to form lines (2 or more linked tiles);
    8 seconds per turn;
    21 AI moves until outcome indeterminate.

    * "3" - lines of tiles can cross each other;
    10 seconds per turn;
    20 AI moves until outcome indeterminate.

    * "4" - tiles can link together and form clusters;
    12 seconds per turn;
    19 AI moves until outcome indeterminate.

    both "AI moves remaining until game is indeterminate" and "turn time remaining" are shown by diagonally-opposing numerical indicators in-game; note that they will also change color to either amber or blue (when the games outcome is deemed to be indeterminate) in order to alert the player.

    main title screen runs an attract mode that continuously generates and solves random tile configurations.

    novel random puzzle generation offers endless replay and challenge :)

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