Out Of Memory




    Become the Master - rule your PC's memory and keep it alive as long as you can. New applications will keep coming and it's your task to assign them to memory slots. But be careful - if you run out of space you might get Out Of Memory EXCEPTION!

    Out of Memory is strategy game in which your task is to allocate memory to applications that are launched on the virtual PC. Compete with other players in online rankings for the most points. Look out for infected and unstable applications, as they will make your task even more challenging.

    If you mastered 5x5 grid, try a brand new experience on a 6x6 memory grid that will give you more space to allocate the applications, but it will be more challenging as the requirements of the applications also change. If you feel like you need more control over the board, give a try to the adventure mode, in which you will extend the memory the way you like it.

    Have fun!

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