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    Please note that this game is only available for tablets.

    If you’ve ever played a board game or a turn based computer game it will instantly feel familiar. The game will automatically adjust the difficulty to accommodate up to four simultaneous players, but you can also play it entirely by yourself.

    In Triage you assume the role of one out of four houses. The industrial and utterly ruthless Jaeger industrie. The scientific Takamura bio-labs. The mercenaries of house Vanderbildt. Or perhaps the web that holds them all together, the Hansa directorate.

    Your task is to triage the Niola cluster that has suffered a violent outbreak of an unknown pathogen. While already cordoned off to prevent travel outside of it, and thus spreading the disease further, you may have to take drastic steps to cleanse the cluster entirely.

    The objective of the game is to cleanse all four star clusters from diseases. You constantly have to balance your two most important assets, namely resources/credits and population. Are you willing to sacrifice the population of an entire planet in order to get the credits you need to make it through another turn? Don't worry, the game won't rush you, take as much time as you need to contemplate each turn but for every action there's inevitably a reaction.

    IMPORTANT! Please note that this game runs entirely on our servers. This is done in order to facilitate networking between players without them having to worry about forwarding or opening ports. But this also means that you will need an active internet connection even when you play by yourself.

    Cross-platform Mac/Windows version of the game is available on Desura, please visit to nab it.

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