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    A pet is an animal primarily kept for company or protection. The most popular pets are likely dogs and cats, which provide owners with physical and emotional benefits.

    Most owners purchase their dogs or cats from pet shop. These shops sell all type of pet food, toys, and necessities.

    We do hear of story where pets are abandoned for various reasons. Once we own the pet, we should be responsible to care for them.

    When you have an adorable cat, the first thing you would do is to look for wheres my lovely cat hiding.

    Get your favorite pet parrot, dog, puppy, cat, kitten, bird, turtle, rabbit, mouse from the pet shop and give them a name like tom, roo, perry, mick, zoe, coby, joe, angela, angie, ben, benny, benji, leo, ginger, gina, james, luis, john, bobby, susie, pierre, mike, water etc.

    You could also imagine story of these pets animals talking! Of course not possible in real life!

    Pet Shop Cats Games is simply created for cat lovers. It is addictive and full of beautiful photos for your enjoyment!

    There are 3 Games!
    Game 1 - Pet Shop Cats Memory Game. Unfold the block to match similar picture
    Game 2 - Pet Shop Cats Puzzle Game. Swift each block to the correct place!.
    Game 3 - Pet Shop Cats Block Game. Change the block to fit each other.

    Once you have completed each levels, you will love this Pet Shop Cats game very much.
    The games are suitable for both children and adults.

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