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    Published: 2012-04-24, by .

    Pet Panic Show is a fun puzzle game in which you need to remove blocks in order to make the animals move

    • Good idea
    • Entertaining gameplay
    • For kids and adults
    • Doesn't work well on Samsung Galaxy Tab

    "The pets have escaped!"

    Pet Shop Panic is a puzzle game for Android set in a Pet Shop where all the animals have escaped and gone into the store room. They all need to get back down and your way to do that is to try to match three blocks of the same color together and then tap on them to make them disappear. The more blocks you remove, the lower the pets will move. Don't give up when all the animals are saved, continue removing blocks to increase your score.

    Some of the animals need to move lower than others in order to escape (Parrot 4, Monkey 3, Dog 2, Cat 2

    Rabbit 1, Snake 0) and the levels will make it easier or harder, it depends. Kids can also play and can be entertained with the colorful graphics and the cute animals that are presented.

    The problem with this app in Samsung Galaxy Tab is that the graphics are very poor. While the game concept is great and the gameplay is extremely fun, it can get really annoying when you can't seem to tap on any of the buttons and the graphics collapse. Awareness games is the developer of Pet Shop Panic, a good idea and overall a good game which probably works smooth in other devices but should improve its performance in others.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Apr 24, 2012


    The animals have broken out in the pet shop and have run into the store room. Can you save them by removing the boxes they are sat on so they can get back down.

    Its a simple game where you click matching boxes to remove them and save the animals. To win, you need to get all the animals down, some need to be lower than others. To get the best score you continue to remove boxes until there are none left or you can't remove any more. There are 3 levels to play. The easiest is ideal for kids, medium for older kids and adults and hard for the really determined.

    Hints -
    * To get a best score you must get all the animals down
    * Once the animals are down continue to remove boxes and improve your score
    * Number of boxes left under each animal before it can jump to the floor is -
    Parrot 4
    Monkey 3
    Dog 2
    Cat 2
    Rabbit 1
    Snake 0
    * Plan ahead to connect single boxes
    * Watch for higher boxes becoming isolated when removing lower boxes
    * Plan ahead to line up boxes when a column is removed
    * On hard concentrate on getting animals down

    If you enjoy bejeweled, fluffy birds, tetris or match three type games then this is for you, give it a try. Originally inspired by roof rats, this mental puzzle game is simple but gives hours of fun.

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