PicFuz Pro : Photo Puzzle Game

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    PicFuz Pro is the popular Photo puzzle game based on the classical jigsaw game board. Use a photo from the Game library or your own photo album and use it as your puzzle. Our Picture Puzzle game features multiple difficulty levels where the score is based on time and the moves are counted. Pick any photo from your Picture Album library and solve the puzzle. Take your photo puzzles wherever you are! PicFuz Pro Puzzle game provides hours of entertainment for you and your whole family.


    ✔ Classical puzzle game with attractive interface
    ✔ Brain stimulating jigsaw type puzzle game with a new modern twist
    ✔ Play Photo Puzzle with images or your own photo library
    ✔ Sound and Numbering of the Blocks can be disabled or enabled
    ✔ You can buy more images to use it in the puzzle (Optional)
    ✔ Move puzzle blocks by sliding or swiping the blocks
    ✔ Beautiful, high-quality photography puzzle images!
    ✔ Amazing photos of attractive locations, birds, monuments and others
    ✔ Addicting and proven game concept and FREE updates forever
    ✔ Play time based puzzles up to 16 difficulty levels
    ✔ Ideal when you have a few spare minutes
    ✔ Turn your personal photos into your own custom puzzles!
    ✔ Select number of columns and rows
    ✔ Turn music and numbering on or off
    ✔ Scatter pieces out of the puzzle area with a single touch of a button