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    Published: 2012-10-31, by .

    Pigment is an educational yet challenging puzzle game

    • Original
    • Highly challenging
    • Brain-racking
    • Nothing special


    If you think that this kind of puzzle games are only for kids, I recommend you to give a go. It's true that first levels are easy: since there isn't any tutorial, best way to make you learn gameplay is by setting "introduction" levels. However, difficulty increases as you progress and you'll have to rack your brain to solve them.

    In Pigment players have to connect the color spots by drawing lines between them. There's a grid board and players can use as many cells as they want. Be careful though: leave enough space to draw lines to connect the others spots. This can seem quite easy if it wasn't because if one line cross another, color will change: for example, if a blue line cross a yellow one, it will switch to green (as a mix of both).

    Graphics aren't awesome (there's no need), however, the game is highly challenging and addictive. I'm still begging for more levels.

    There are up to 30 levels in this demo version (just 2 out of 6 worlds) and some bonus levels. Pro version unlocks all 6 levels and its 90 levels.

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    Oct 31, 2012


    Connect the colors by painting between them! Pigment is a puzzle game that is easy to pick up. Demo contains the first two worlds (30 levels)

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