Pill Popper




    The arcade puzzler with mood-altering side effects!

    Welcome to the Mood Moderation Ministry, Doctor! Here you will be tasked with the vital mission of treating patients for dangerous emotional disorders, such as "happiness." With the help of your quick-thinking and our endless supply of Mood Mod Pills, you can help rehabilitate them into productive "neutral" members of society. But beware the potency of the pills! They won't only affect the patient they are administered to, but also all of the patients in contact with them, which can end up having explosive results...

    Pill Popper comes with two game modes unlocked by default:
    Timed: Score as many point as possible within a two minute time limit.
    Endless: Score points to advance levels, advance levels to add time to the clock and ramp up the difficulty.

    Additionally, you can purchase the M.M.M. Maximum Clearance Pass to unlock the following modes:
    Timed Flatline and Endless Flatline: Like the Timed and Endless modes but without the assistance of powerup items. For players who want an even playing field when they reach for the high score!
    Hardcore: No time limit, no powerups, and one patient death means game over! How hardcore are you?
    Mysterious Future Modes: Who knows what the future of Pill Popper holds!?

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