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    You star in Plague: Infection Hunter as the world's best plague doctor, specialising in all diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and other germs. Explore new strategies to treat pathogens before they cause plagues in a major city.

    Objective: Use your skill to take control of every germ on the game board and find a cure for the disease!

    Each level presents you with a new scenario. The virus scanner microscope in your laboratory shows you a slide of specimens. These have been highlighted using brightly colored plague ink to help identify them.

    The plague game begins by choosing a virus or pathogen from one of the corners of the slide. This will be the position from which you launch your assault to eliminate the infection.

    The colored plague virus removal buttons at the bottom of the screen have DNA from another plague incorporated into them. This will allow you to transmute the bacterium or germ you control. When you tap a button, your microbe will change color and shape to match it. Other microbes that are next to yours, and the same color, will also transform. The chosen color will then spread across the board and infect all the adjacent germs that are the same, giving you more power over the disease.

    By repeatedly changing the color of your germ, you will gradually gain control of all the bacteria and viruses. Once all the microbes are the same color, you will have eliminated the infection.

    Watch out, you only have a limited number of moves in which to kill the germs!

    The level is complete once you have transmuted all of the bacteria, viruses and other microbes on the game board so that they are the same color. At this point, you will have eradicated the infection and completed the level. The world will be prepared in case of an outbreak, and you can move onto your next, more difficult challenge!

    Many different plagues and virus types to cure
    Challenging gameplay: a plague strategy game that grows increasingly difficult
    Easy to learn and play
    High scores and achievements
    Multiple board sizes
    Face up to seven different pathogens in this infection game
    Amazing graphics and great music
    Free to play!

    Can you find the plague cure and create a plague free world before it's too late?

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