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    Play a poker card to unlock the screen and get quick access to SMS and calling. This screen locker Poker Call SMS Screen Locker supports to lock the screen with poker interface and unlock the screen by play a poker card.

    Totally free for Android devices
    Simple to use and easy to control
    Works with Android mobiles and tablets
    Show us battery, date and time
    Poker card to get quick access to calling, message and direct unlock
    Enable vibrate and tone
    Supports full screen or status bar
    Enable fast unlock by MENU key
    Supports home key to unlock

    1. Open this app, and we should set as we wish.
    2. In settings, we can enable tone or vibration according to our situations.
    3. If you need, you can enable home key in emergency.
    4. We can enable full screen or status bar here in the locked screen.
    5. Long press on MENU key can enable us to unlock the screen fast.
    6. When we activate this screen locker, this locker begins to run for us.
    7. When the screen turns off, we have to turn on by press POWER key.
    8. In the locked screen, we can get daily information about what day it is, what date it is and what time it is.
    9. There are directly unlock shortcut, SMS shortcut and calling shortcuts here for us to play to unlock.

    This screen locker is totally free and useful for us in daily life. There is no need to go into anywhere in sudden. Or there will never happen that we unlock in a slow way with fast unlock here.

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