Pota-cats's review

    Published: 2013-12-03, by Ana Gracia.

    Make the bombs explode and gather cats together

    • Can be entertaining
    • Not in English
    • Graphics could be improved


    Pota-Cats is a relaxing puzzle game for children where the objective is to create groups of cats and make them explode.

    How to play? Simply, tap on side of the screen to drop the cats towards the center board and have them placed strategically so they can explode whenever they're in a group of three.

    The game isn't in English, although it's easily understood. It can be fun for children, although the game lacks originality and could definitely be enhanced in all aspects.

    Bascule Inc. is the developer of Pota-Cats, an enjoyable and simple matching game for kids, although the topic of cats exploding isn't really fun. But hey, it's a game.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Dec 03, 2013


    They are strange creatures with a desinct feline, potato character. We call them "pota-cats"!
    Action & Puzzling without timelimit! Here is the ultimate time-killing puzzle-game♪
    kids and adults should try "pota-cats"!baby can play this game with their parents.
    The heart-warming miaos will let you fall in love with the game immediately.

    How to play
    * Fun is just a tap away!
    The pota-cat will fall to where you tap.
    Once three or more pota-cats of the same kind touch each other, they will be removed.
    (They will stay, however, until everything is calm)

    The game is over when the screen is full with potacats.

    * Remove many pota-cats to level up!
    With higher levels new, rare kinds of pota-cats appear!
    As the level rises the game becomes more and more difficult,
    but you will also get more points per pota-cat!

    * Use bombs to remove even more pota-cats!
    Occassional "bombs" let you create big explosions!
    - Bombs are triggered by removing cats that touch a bomb.
    - All the pota-cats around the bomb will be caught in the explosion.
    - Pota-cats of the same kind that triggered the bomb will be removed from game board too!
    You can get incredible high-scores by using the bombs well!

    * Learn more about removed pota-cats in the "REPORT".
    The "REPORT" offers more information for each kind of pota-cat that you have removed.
    Can you collect them all?

    * Share your scores on twitter!
    Brag on twitter about your highscore and you can
    download an original wallpaper!

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