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    Professor Puzzle is an entertaining jigsaw puzzle application that offers 4 different categories with 3 different puzzles in each. You are given 2 difficulty levels in this free version of Professor Puzzle – that is, boards of 3x3 pieces or 5x5 pieces. The game is perfectly suited for children or your typical puzzle lover!
    The game is very simple. Simply move the desired piece onto the empty field on the board by clicking on the piece. You continue in this manner until you have put together the puzzle correctly, and you are ready for a new round of Professor Puzzle with a new board or a more difficult level.
    When the puzzle has been solved, you will receive a congratulatory message and the final result of your hard work of solving the jigsaw puzzle. Afterwards you can continue to one of the other images or try to solve the puzzle faster than in your first round, so there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself or your children with this game
    The various categories include animals, flowers, buildings, and landscapes. In the animal category you can for instance solve a cat or an antelope jigsaw puzzle.
    In the building category you can choose to solve a Taj Mahal jigsaw puzzle or one of a castle or a European city.
    Among the flower jigsaw puzzles you can solve an image of some pretty tulips, so it is not only mentally challenging but also beautiful to look at.
    Last but not least, there are 3 different lovely landscape images – among these a mood filled winter picture taken by a large lake.
    Since this is a free version of the application, you will see advertisements at the bottom of each puzzle. You can remove these by upgrading to our PRO-version where the advertisements are removed and the entertainment increased. The upgrade is just 8 kroner and will result in even more hours of fun with the different jigsaw puzzles.
    In the PRO-version we offer you no less than 40 puzzles in 5 different difficulty levels and hours of entertainment.
    The jigsaw puzzle game is available in 4 different languages, that is, Danish, German, English, and French. This also provides the opportunity for some vocabulary practice, if you are up for the challenge.
    We hope that you will have many fun and enjoyable moments with the game, and you are very welcome to contact us with feedback in the form of suggestions or improvements of the application, which can further enhance the playing experience. All critique will be discussed, and if your suggestion is approved, we will try to implement it in the application in the best possible way.

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