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    Pushover is a faithful reimplementation of the game with the same name published in 1992 by Ocean. It contains the original levels. The graphics and sound are very similar when compared with the original game.


    The task of the game is to rearrange the dominoes on the different platforms so that you can start a chainreaction that makes all dominoes topple over. You may rearrange all dominoes (except for one kind of domino) and place them wherever suitable (except in front of a door).

    You win the level, when:

    - all dominoes (except for the blocker) have toppled
    - no dominoes have crashed, they may fall off the screen though
    - the trigger domino fell last
    - and you reached the exit door within the time limit

    The dominoes:

    All in all there are 10 different types of dominoes:

    - Standard, completely yellow. There is nothing special with this stone, it falls when pushed.
    - Blocker, completely red. This domino can not fall over, so it is the only kind of stone that may still be standing when the level is solved. Dominoes falling against this stone will bounce back, if possible.
    - Tumbler, big red stripe. This domino will stand up again after falling and will continue to tumble until it hits an obstacle or rests on another stone.
    - Delay stone, diagonally divided. This domino will take some time until it falls, when it is pushed. Dominoes falling against this stone will bounce back and later this stone will fall.
    - Splitter, horizontally divided. This stone will split into 2 stones, one falling to the left and the other falling to the right. The splitter can't be pushed. It must be split by a stone falling onto it from above. A pile of rubbish falling into it also activates this domino.
    - Exploder, vertically divided. This stone will blast a gap into the platform it is standing on, when it is pushed. Neither the ant nor the pushing domino are harmed by that, the pushing domino will fall into the gap.
    - Bridger, 1 horizontal strip. The bridger will try to connect the edge it is standing on with the next edge, if it is close enough, if not it will simply fall into the gap.
    - Vanisher, 2 horizontal strips. The Vanisher will disappear as soon as it lies flat on the ground. This is the only stone you may place in front of doors.
    - Trigger, 3 horizontal strips. This stone will open the exit door, as soon as it lies completely flat and all other conditions are met (see above). This is the only stone that you may not move around.
    - Ascender, vertical strip. This stone will start to rise as soon as it is pushed. It will rise until is hits the ceiling, then it will start to flip into the direction it was initially pushed. When you fall into a gap while holding this stone it will also rise and stay at the ceiling until pushed.


    The ant is controlled using the cursor keys and space. Use the space key to pick up the domino behind the ant or to place it down where you are currently standing. To push press first up to let the ant enter the row of dominoes. Then simultaniously press space and either left or right cursor key depending on whether you want to push the domino to your left or your right.
    The onscreen Button 2 is equal to Space key.
    The onscreen Button 1 is equal to Enter key.


    If you don't know where to start in a level, simply push a stone and observe what happens. This helps very often to get a general idea how to solve a level and where the problem is.

    If you forgot which domino has what kind of special property press F1 to get a short help. This window also displays a short hint, once the time of the level is out.

    The first few levels introduce you to the dominoes. Here you can explore how the different dominoes behave in different situations.

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