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    Puzzle for Kids Children games for girls, for boys

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    Little Apple presents

    For 2 years old Puzzles for children
    The game is simple for children aged 2 years, 3 years
    Simple interface, friendly for kids.
    Games for children Puzzles for children - girls and boys - contains up to 110 images of very good quality.
    puzzle game for kids helps toddlers develop motor skills - coordination and precision.
    Simple, clear shapes puzzle beneficial effect on the development and perception of the child and the development of visual memory.
    free puzzle game for preschool children is based on matching puzzle pieces forming familiar objects from the environment, develops:
    ability to think logically,
    visual memory,
    ability to know and understand the environment.
    In the background you can hear a nice melody played on the piano. Classical conducive to the development of the mind
    Choice of the second piece of music (cheerful, child)

    In the game there are advertising, so that we can continue to create another game for kids. If you do not want your ads invite you to purchase the same application version without ads.

    The great advantage of our puzzle for the youngest children is the option album, where you can choose which image will fall into place. For the first pose, in the album they are only shadows of things to solve. When the child will want to arrange eg. A small frog can select it from the album.

    Mechanics game for children Puzzles for children:
    our 2 and 3 year old have 5 pieces to arrange the image - mode "baby"
    additional mode to choose from in the "kids"
    they see the shadow that must cover puzzles
    when all the puzzles are matched to the shade appears in the picture
    children are rewarded with applause and falling stars, toddler can be clicked
    under one of the stars is hidden piece of the big picture which is to discover
    simple interface, easily mastered baby move in the game
    at the top of the screen are the arrows so that the child can change the images at any time - right arrow - next image left arrow - previous image, arrow wheel - a randomly generated image
    in the options can be set Autoplay - puzzle themselves scrolls
    color graphics, a variety of images
    Album - the child can see that the puzzle worked out or not.
    Reset - a child can reset the album

    Game besides undoubted educational and cognitive values ​​provide the child a lot of fun. In the game menu toddler can abandon yourself balls. During stacking puzzle they appear in animals. After pressing the shutter sounds appear.

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