Playing games develops our brains cognitively. Now-a-days, we often play games on Smartphones which is a more convenient option for most for the users. Our attempt to blend creativity, logic and leisure, all-in-one for your Smartphone.

    Expert developers juxtaposed 7 brilliantly logic-based games to present gamers with one of its kind puzzles power-pack. The 7 Puzzles are Slider, Boxes, Rotator, Knight's Dilemma, Quadrix, Eight Queen, and Maze. Each game offers a different level of excitement.

    Slider, is a fun game where you can upload an image from your smart phone's gallery. The image will be divided and jumbled in grids where you have to slide and arrange the image correctly to complete the game. There are 3 levels of difficulty such as 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 grids.

    Boxes, is a two-player game. Polish the art of making more boxes quickly by connecting the dots one of another turn-wise. Turn and Score are displayed on the screen while the game is going on. The player to join the last i.e. the fourth line of the box gains the scores. Finally, gamer with the highest number of box count is declared winner.

    Rotator, a time-bound game, Rotator challenges you to re-create the given image by rotating the given puzzled image either clockwise or anti-clockwise to get the right image. Use the arrows to rotate the pieces and create the exact image to win.

    Knight's Dilemma, a board game similar to chess. The twist in the game is, the Knight's horse has to cover the board within 64 moves in the stipulated time to win the game. It is a tricky game which demands an observant mind. Timer, Remaining and Moves are displayed on the screen while the game is on.

    Quadrix, a game to fit the colorful pieces together to make a whole quadrix. Score is calculated on the basis of your every move. Connect the colorful squares with correspondingly colored squares side by side to complete the puzzle. There is no restriction about where you place them or how many moves you make. Note: The pieces cannot be rotated.

    Eight Queen, is yet another interesting board game! The Queen is limited to take only 8 moves to cover the board. Create high score in less time to win the game. Timer, Remaining and Moves are displayed on the screen while the game is on.

    Maze, the trick to win the game is to get out of the maze without touching the red borders and not lift your finger off the screen. Basically, reach the end of the maze in one attempt.

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