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    ※ This document has been translated using Google.

    This app is a simple calculator training.
    empt to calculate a formula for the inverse pyramid.
    ※If anyone can Toreapuri brain is addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    Formula will be displayed as shown below, please answer the part of the (answer).
    1 + 6 - 3
    ? × ?

    The answer in this case is 21.

    Example of a flow of up to answer
    ①1+6=7(Calculation of the upper left pyramid)
    ②6-3=3(Calculation of the upper right pyramid)
    ③7×3=21(Calculation of the middle stage of the pyramid)

    ※Will be similar to the following formula.

    So easy to make a mistake make a mistake even though you know, please be careful.

    You can set the time limit so the number of questions to answer, please try different colors.

    Aim out of 100 in all settings.

    ※Questions and Answers made ​​a mistake of their own there is a problem you can see if you make a mistake when you touch the "間違い一覧" in the results screen.

    There are also other apps.


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