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    Quizomania HD PRO's review

    Published: 2012-09-03, by Manu Galvez.

    Quizomania HD is a quiz game with different game modes.

    • Interface
    • Local scoreboards
    • There aren't online scoreboards
    • Single player mode

    "Are you worldly?"

    Quiz lovers, pay attention: Quizomania isn't a quiz game trivia-style, for playing against other player. This is like a brain-training game, for challenging yourself. It includes three different game modes: "Quiz", play a single quiz (18 questions before the time runs out), "Stages", test your knowledge in three stages and "Survival" try to stay in the game as long as you can.

    Stages is for me, the most interesting game mode: quiz is divided by issues (science, movies, literature, sports, music... up to 9 categories). Your goal is to answer a batch of questions as faster as you can to get the highest score. Depending on your performance on any game mode, you'll unlock achievements and will be able to submit your scores on local leaderboards. It would be greatif these scoreboards were online. The game is challenging by itself.

    I'd like to choose questions difficulty: anyway, if you're looking for medium/high difficulty, it will fulfill your expectations. In this version of the game you can only play Level1 questions. Paid version is unlimited.

    In addition, Quizomania HD is set in a minimalist neon layout. It runs smooth and provides us of loads of challenging questions. Highly recommenda

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Sep 03, 2012


    Quizomania is not a regular quiz game. It's been made like an ultimate knowledge challenge. This quiz game contains many game modes that will satisfy almost every quiz lover. Top of all this quiz game contains smooth animations and impressive graphics that will surly impress you.

    Also this game doesn't require a internet connection, so you can enjoy it anywhere completely free!

    - 3 types of game modes (normal quiz, stages mode, survival mode)
    - 8 innovative jokers (Immunity, Skipper, 50:50, Buy time, Pause time, Eliminate one or two wrong answers. Change question)
    - More then 3 thousands of questions
    - 11 categories (Science, History, Biology, General knowledge, Culture, Geography, Literature, Movies, Music, Sport)
    - 13 achievements (bronze, silver and gold medals)
    - Highscore list for normal quiz and survival game mode
    - Questions are divided into 3 difficulties
    - Beautiful High definition graphic

    Normal quiz
    Goal is to answer 18 questions before time runs out. Questions are divided in three difficulties. If you need help you can buy jokers with score points and try to finish the game and get a bonus for your highscore.

    Stages mode
    Play in 8 different categories and combine score to unlock new more challenging levels. You are allowed to use help of jokers, but use it carefully because every point counts.

    Survival mode
    Try to stay in the game as long as you can without help. Wrong answer won't end the game, but will reduce play time. Every correct answer will increase play time, so choose your answers carefully.

    Jockers explanation:

    - Immunity
    Immunity jocker is jocker that will save you from giving a wrong answer. Immunity is an ultimate saver!

    - Skipper
    This jocker will allow you to skip given question. Really useful when playing normal quiz mode.

    - 50:50
    This one is a well know but jet really desirable help. It will eliminate 2 wrong answers so you will have at least 50% chance to answer correctly

    - Buy time
    A must if you are short on game time, or you wish to think a bit longer!

    - Pause time
    Or we call it a freezer. Jocker that will allow you to freeze time on current question and think without stress or find an answer on internet :)

    - Change question
    This one will change your current question with another one of the same difficulties. Could be a great help if you feel lucky.

    Please be careful why buying jockers because you can buy them with the points you earned so far. Also don't forget to try Immunity and Skipper. They are ultimate tool to help you!

    If you will have any problems with the game feel free to contact us via our contact form and we will gladly help you.