Rainbow Ball Rush Lite




    Rainbow Ball will need to overcome obstacles to meet it's ultimate objective of reaching the flag and collecting all the stars in each level. Rainbow Ball must contend with dangerous obstacles like moving platforms, spikes, slippery ice platforms and much more!

    But don't worry, Rainbow Ball is not alone in its mission as it gets help from its mates like the turbo charged Orange Ball, the powerful yet gentle Puffy the Cloud, the jolly jumping Yellow Ball and the red hot Flame Ball!

    The full version contains 184 levels with more to follow.

    - 30 levels total
    - Three balls with special powers
    Orange: Tap and hold to spin in the opposite direction
    Yellow: Tap and hold to jump
    Red: Tap to turn into Flame Ball

    - Two game modes:
    Single-Flick Mode:
    - Use another ball in most levels to help get Rainbow Ball to the flag
    - This mode primarily tests your touch-precision and timing
    - Putting the correct spin on a ball is essential for high scores and 3-starring levels

    Multi-Flick Mode:
    - One ball to focus on per level (Rainbow Ball or Yellow Ball)
    - This mode primarily tests timing and ball control

    - Objective: Get Rainbow Ball to the flag (or Yellow Ball in some multi levels)
    - Swipe your finger across the ball to launch it
    - The further away you swipe from the centre of the ball the more spin you put on it
    - The speed and length of your swipe affect how far you launch a ball
    - One flick per ball in single flick
    - Unlimited flicks in multi-flick (note: all flicks after the first result in only horizontal movement)

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