Remember the Tiles




    Exercise your memory! Exercise your brain!
    Keep your brain active and improve your memory. Simple, yet fun puzzle will test your memory and concentration abilities.

    Remember The Tiles is a fun and addictive puzzle game that will help you exercise your brain and train your memory.
    You heard before: “Your brain is like a muscle, use it or lose it”. Any activity that makes you think will improve your brain. Reading, crossword puzzles, chess and even the simple puzzle like Remember The Tiles can make your brain active. Play it couple of minutes a day and stimulate your brain.
    Anybody can play Remember the Tiles. If you’re girl or boy, woman or man of any age, and if you like puzzle games, you will love Remember the Tiles.
    Game will improve your ability to remember patterns. You can track your performance and watch your score each time you play.

    How to play instructions
    * Look at the red tiles pattern on the screen
    * When the pattern disappears, tap the correct tiles to repeat the pattern
    * You win the level if you correctly guess all the tiles. Next level will have one tile more than the level you solved.
    * You lose the level first time when you miss the tile. Next level you play will have one tile less than level you lost.
    * Get 10 points for each tile you guess
    * Get bonus points for completed level, more tiles the level has - higher the bonus.
    * Game is over after 15 turns and your score will be recorded in the scoreboard

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