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    Published: 2011-12-20, by .

    Connect the robots by their hands and don't let them reach the top part

    • Simple yet challenging
    • Really fun
    • Addictive gameplay
    • It's not really original

    "Connect five robots"

    RoboSockets combines the typical puzzle game with the matching five applications. You need to connect five or more robots together so as to explode them. The robots have different number of hands which are arranged different and makes it harder to connect them.

    Once you do it, it gives you energy that can be used to restore RoboPlanet, which is currently in ruins. The energy store fills slowly and each time you connect five robots it will only increase a little; when the bar is full you'll have finished the level but keep in mind you have to do that before the robots reach the top part of the screen.

    As the game advances, bombs and other features are presented, some of which will help you connect five robots and some of which won't. For playing, you just need to swipe your finger to the direction you want it and the robot will move there, with a tetris-like system.

    It's really easy to learn to play but the game itself is pretty challenging since the beginning, given the different number of hands, making you think well how to arrange them. Tatem Games is the developer of RoboSockets, a new way of playing the most classic game and a really fun enjoyment for all ages. If you are tired of the typical tetris, download this one and see if you can beat it as well.

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