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    Santa Gift Dash Pro

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    Santa Gift Dash is an engaging, simple and highly addictive game.

    This game challenges players ability to grasp, think & act under the stress of timer. The objective is to deliver different colored Gifts to their respective House. The Gift occurrence speed up with your game play time making it more difficult every second. 100 points are rewarded for every Gift you deliver at correct House. Gift deliver at wrong house will cost you one life. You need to make sure that, not more than 10 Gifts remain on the screen at one time else the game will end.

    Game will start with four different colored Gifts. The longer you play the difficult game becomes by adding different gifts and rules to Deliver.

    1.Color Gifts: Each color represent different House to deliver.

    Red Gift: Swipe Up
    Blue Gift: Swipe Right
    Green Gift: Swipe Down
    Yellow Gift: Swipe Left

    2.Santa's Bells: Don't Ignore it. It gives you only 3 seconds to attend it. Tap quickly whenever it Pops Up else you will lose one life.

    3.Black Gift: Don't touch this Gift box, its dangerous, otherwise it will cost you one life.

    4.Multicolor Gift: Deliver it anywhere and you will be rewarded 500 points.

    Swipe Quick: Make sure not more than 10 Gifts remain on screen at a time else Game will End.

    Speed Up: Gift Box pop-up speed will increase in every 3-5 minuets till the least possible speed.

    Achievements: Around 50 achievements like 100 Red Gifts Delivered, 1000 total Gifts Delivered and many more....
    Each achievement will add 500 points to your score.

    Achievement Notification: Notifies you of your achievements during gameplay.