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    This app is new variant of Sudoku. This variant is called "Kawaii Sudoku". Kawaii Sudoku has some small blocks. Please see screenshots. It seems baby face of Standard Sudoku. It is so Kawaii.

    The board of "SDK Kawii" is sized 6x6, and it has 9 plots(= small blocks) sized 2x2. Digits cannot repeat on each column, row, and plot.

    In this application, we adopted a new input method "Thumb One" for a smart phone. When you are working with a smart phone with one hand, you can enter the answer and pencil marks in just thumb of one hand.

    If you are interested in "Thumb One", please see this movie.

    "SDK Kawaii" is a part of "Umekichi Project".

    Released on December 1st 2013.

    *1 "Sudoku (SUDOKU)" is a registered trademark of NIKOLI Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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