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    "SDK Lattice" is new variant of "Sudoku(= Number Place) *1". The shape of blocks of "SDK Lattice" is different from standard Sudoku. Blocks of "SDK Lattice" consists of two layers. Please see screenshots.

    (1) First layer has four 3x3-blocks. These blocks were colored by green in the puzzle board.

    (2) Second layer has four 2x2-blocks, four 3x2-blocks, and one 3x3-block. Cells of these blocks (that excepted overlap with the first layer) are colored by blue.

    "SDK Lattice" has 13 blocks in first and second layer. Digits cannot repeat on each row, column and block.

    In this application, we adopted a new input method "Thumb One" for a smart phone. When you are working with a smart phone with one hand, you can enter the answer and pencil marks in just thumb of one hand.

    If you are interested in "Thumb One", please see this movie.

    If you want to get more problems of "SDK Lattice", please request to us.

    "SDK Lattice" is a part of "Umekichi Project".

    Released on 28th December 2013.

    *1 "Sudoku (SUDOKU)" is a registered trademark of NIKOLI Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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