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    You wished your memory was better and you could count cards memorize phone numbers and important dates? well now you can!
    Shimmy the frog is here to help you train your memory.
    This Whacky frog will use sound and visuals to help you keep track of an ever growing sequence of squares you must repeat.
    Think of this game as a Simon bigger and better than ever before with fully repeated sequenses and a cute character that will sing and animate the notes for you.
    Finish each difficulty mode to unlock it's achievement and let Shimmy reward you with a song at the end (When on easy mode Shimmy will only sing the notes scale do-re-mi-fa but at the medium & hard modes it will fully sing a popular folk song for you).

    What are you waiting for?

    finishing the hard level is considered almost impossible so if you ever manage to do it share it on Shimmy's facebook page at so the world can see and amaze at your awesome skills.

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