Skyscrapers is a new fascinating puzzle with numbers, also known as "Buildings puzzle", "Quarters", "City blocks". It slightly similar with sudoku and Japanese crosswords, but it's a separate game. The aim of the game is to determine heights of the buildings in a given city block (game field). Game field is a square grid, which contains numbers from 1 to size of the field. Numbers shows relative heights of the skyscrapers (1 - lowest type of skyscrapers, 2 - type of skyscrapers that higher than 1 and less than 3, an so on). Numbers in a row or column can't repeat (like in sudoku). Hints around the game field show how much skyscrapers we can see, for example hint "1" means, that near the hint highest skyscrapers is placed and don't let to see lower skyscrapers.

    - 5 difficulty levels, 1001 puzzle in medium and hard levels.
    - Good explanation of game rules and solving example (menu -> rules).
    - Easy to get started (especially for sudoku players).
    - Autosave - you'll never lose your progress.
    - 2 input modes.
    - Additional colors (pencil mode).
    - Daily bonuses.
    - Undo button.
    - Selected digit highlighting.
    - Flexible color adjustment.
    - Little screens support, even 240x320 and 320x480.
    - User can disable ads.

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