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    Published: 2012-11-20, by .

    Guide the Penguin home, let it slide happily

    • Entertaining
    • Challenging
    • Not original
    • Poor graphics

    "The Wanderer Penguin"

    Slide!, as you could imagine, is a sliding puzzle game where the goal is to help the penguin get to end of the level by changing its direction as it slides.

    How does it work? You have a level with some ice blocks and a penguin that wants to get home, the only thing you need to do is to place direction blocks in the way, choosing its orientation and eliminating the ones that are wrong placed. As you advance through the game, the given tools will increase, adding whirlpools, bridges, snowballs, booster and blocks

    There are 80 levels divided into 8 worlds, each one of them introduces a new mechanic. Although it's interesting enough, the app is not full-screen on tablets and the design could be much better, it feels a bit chaotic and not really high quality.

    Slide and its Deluxe version was developed by Monument Games, Inc, , also creator of Shiftyx, which is a more original and enjoyable proposal. Anyway, this one's pretty okay too.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Nov 20, 2012


    Slide! Deluxe is the same great Slide! game play with the following additional features:

    * Ad free!
    * Level Builder with the ability to export your levels to QR codes which can be sent to or scanned by your friends, or even posted online, allowing others to play your creations on their mobile devices.
    * 20 Brand new levels
    * Skipable score counting for faster game play.

    Feel free to share your QR codes in our forums located at:

    Slide! is a challenging puzzle game where your task is to guide your penguin as he slides through 100 levels, avoiding obstacles and hazards along the way, only using a limited number of tools:

    * Turn: change the penguin’s direction as he slides
    * Whirlpool: warp to the next whirlpool (Left to right, top to bottom) when your penguin slides into it
    * Bridge: span chasms and holes
    * Snowballs: Push these as you slide to plug holes and take out enemy penguins
    * Booster: speed up or slow down your penguin's slide
    * Block: Block the polar bears’ path, or stop enemy penguins' sliding

    Slide! is divided into 8 different worlds, each building on the last and introducing a new mechanic:

    * World 1 uses only Turn pieces to help you avoid obstacles and create a long slide
    * World 2 has you using Whirlpools to teleport around the level as you slide
    * World 3 introduces ramps which reverse the direction of your slide.
    * World 4 provides you with bridges to span chasms and holes.
    * World 5 adds holes that block your slide and snowballs you must use to plug them.
    * World 6 requires you to hit different color switches to open the corresponding doors which block your slide.
    * World 7 populates the levels with Polar Bears that roam the level and make your slide more difficult, and boosts which allow you to time your slide properly.
    * World 8 finishes with evil penguins that also slide around the level, push snowballs, flip switches, and cross your slide path

    You must try to balance getting a long slide distance with using as few items as possible to get a high score. The higher your score, the more golden snowflakes you earn, and the more levels you unlock!

    Slide! will challenge your intelligence, problem solving, and quick thinking.

    Your penguin is on the move and it’s your job to see him home safely!