Smiley War Angel x Devil Free




    Your mission is to turn all the smiley devils into angels, can you complete that?
    For each figure you click, may it be a smiley angel or a smiley devil, the surrounding figures of it, horizontal and vertical, will also change automatically. You should plan a strategy into ending each level.

    Play this one of greatest games, Smiley War - Angel x Devil, a variation of the classic "Lights out" game!
    This mobile game has two modes, each with 40 levels!
    The mode "good" is a 3x3-mode, which is hard and challenging.
    The mode "evil" is a 4x4-mode, which is, and off course you have already guessed it, extreme!

    Smiley War: Angel x Devil is not like a jigsaw game, or chess or any other typical brain thinking game, it is very challenging!

    More levels are to be added in the future for the Smiley War - Angel x Devil, so be sure to tell us in the reviews here what levels you like most.

    Click until you found a configuration which has a diagonal symmetry axis.
    After that click always the same on both sides of the diagonal symmetry axis.
    This keeps the symmetry until you find a solution.

    PS: Isn't the face of the angel very sweet? :)

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