Spherefall Deluxe

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    Test your reflexes in this exciting match-two, color matching game! Earn points by popping color groups of two or more spheres, and shift spheres around to increase group size. Try to keep up as spheres start dropping faster and faster!

    Challenge yourself by choosing from four game modes and difficulty levels:

    * Classic: Drag spheres horizontally to open spaces.
    * Survivor: Only for the most skilled players, this mode removes power spheres and extra lives from classic mode.
    * Proximity: Swap two spheres to get either next to a matching sphere.
    * Freeshift: Swap spheres freely horizontally or vertically.

    Power spheres will appear at random as you play. Choose whether to unleash their special abilities, or use them to increase the size of your color groups.

    * Power color: Clear all spheres of the same color, or increase the size of a matching color group.
    * Bonus: Multiply points earned by up to eight times.
    * Row Bomb: Destroy up to three rows.
    * Area Bomb: Destroy all surrounding spheres, up to 49 at once.
    * Column Bomb: Destroy up to three columns.
    * Freeze: Delay the release of a new row.
    * Slow-Down: Slow down the release speed of new rows.
    * Extra Life: Gain an extra life.