Squirrel Ops




    “Call of Acorn: Squirrel Ops” is a puzzle game, the goal is to help the squirrel get acorn by using kinds of items

    Pan is a cute squirrel, and he lives in a paradise-like island. There are trees of candies, ground of cheese and even swamp of chocolate… But the problem is, Pan is just a squirrel, and he don’t need candies, cheese or chocolate, he just EAT ACORNS, so Pan always need to searching the island, just for some forests not so paradise, to get some acorns.
    One day, an evil doctor who wants to conquer the world come to the island, and he found this island have some kind of magical power, so he set down a great base to research this power…
    It looks there is no business with Pan, but there is one problem: the evil doctor is also like to eat acorn, he harvest nearly all the acorns in the island. So a battle between a squirrel and an evil doctor begins…

    Game play:
    JUST TAP. Use kinds of items to cross the lasers, lava or ice, and the goal are the acorn. The items is very useful, finding the different ways to use it will be a lot of fun.

    Game features:
    Need players to have a good management and strategy at the very same time, player must to act fast, think fast to keep up with the game, but it’s not tiring, no need of running around in circles.

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