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    If you like accelerometer games, you love STRESS – BALL. Simply tilt your device to get the green ball to the green square. There are 28 different brain teaser levels and 3 difficulty settings for when you are ready for more of a challenge. This game incorporates 2D physics and has obstacles with different speeds to navigate around or use to complete the various levels. Play again to improve your time. No more dying and starting over, there are no traps or abyss to fall into. There are multiple level types and themes to keep you engaged. If you need help, there are level tips available to relieve some stress. I hope you enjoy playing STRESS – BALL as much as I did making it. This game was possible thanks to AndEngine. Enjoy!

    Note: This is a separate app from the lite version and does not replace it.

    Tester’s Comments: It is a crazy tilt your phone to get the ball to the goal game but it isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to figure out puzzles, save Blinky and navigate mazes. It has 28 levels with 3 different hardness options and tips that you can enable to help you if you get a little lost.

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