Structural Destruction Game

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    Imagine you could excite a 5 storey building or a tower crane and even an oil platform on your hand. This game is all about this kind of thing.
    tips for the application are in this video
    This application is a unique physics game subjected in the field of earthquake engineering and structural dynamics.
    The main aim of the game is to manage to collapse the structure under your command and understand how different type of structures respond to variable and transient dynamic loads. The loading of earthquake, impact and blast is considered.
    The app is produced by highly specialised structural engineers and software engineers with several years of experience and its main purpose is to entertain but also educate people interested in structural and earthquake engineering about the structural behavior of different dynamic loadings.
    The applications is going to be very enjoyable because there are unlimited ways to collapse a structure and every level of the game is never going to be boring even after many hours of playing.

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