Sudoku by Nikoli Medium 14

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    Sudoku by Nikoli Medium 14

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    The origin of SUDOKU fever, the Japanese puzzle company NIKOLI Co., Ltd. has released a Sudoku application for Android OS!

    "Sudoku by Nikoli medium 14" contains 20 medium hard Sudoku puzzles. We have released other Android application packages with easy or hard puzzles. We hope you will enjoy those too.

    We have worked hard to develop the Sudoku application, and with its original smartphone-like interface it has a great feel, solving Sudoku is smooth and pleasant.

    * Some devices will not let our apps work properly. If you have not used our apps on your device before, first try out the free puzzles on "Sudoku by Nikoli Lite."

    - The original Sudoku interface is smartphone-like and it feels like you're solving the puzzles with a pencil.
    - There are both save and quit functions, so you can interrupt your play and resume it when you wish. Easy to keep playing with even a little free time.
    - Your list of problems shows which problems you solved, which you still didn't completely solve, and which are not tried yet. Try to solve all the puzzles!
    - The application lets you change the orientation of the puzzles to suit you. You can always play Sudoku puzzles just the way you wish.
    - The application tells you your solution time. A good way to to see how fast you can solve Sudoku problems.
    - The tutorial tells you the Sudoku rules and how to solve Sudoku. No need to worry if you never did a Sudoku puzzle before.
    - You can play with the layout to fit your handedness.

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